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Cloud Solutions for Manufacturers

Alternative is focused on taking manufacturers to the cloud with the solutions that meet their biggest challenges and help them realize more return on their technology investments.

We realize that manufacturing is a fast-paced and demanding space, which is why we’ve focused on finding and building solutions that help manufacturers integrate their systems for greater efficiency, create and deliver more accurate quotes, and implement the best platforms available in the cloud to keep moving forward. Our team has extensive experience in manufacturing, as well as with the applications manufacturers use every day to serve their customers, track sales and production activities, and grow their businesses.

Bringing the best of the cloud to manufacturers means delivering and building the best cloud applications available and making them fit for any industry or business. Our iQ Configure, Price, Quote application and Connect integration application were built to streamline the quoting process and integrate data between systems. We've also partnered with SalesforceNetSuite, and Magento to deliver the best cloud CRM, ERP, and E-Commerce solutions.

If you're looking to grow your business with technology that's faster, easier to use, and gives you full visibility into your company, Alternative can help you implement, integrate, and use the best of the cloud. Contact us anytime for more insights into how we can help you leverage the best of the cloud.

Integration Solutions

The Connect application integrates the technology systems you rely on to run your business. Whether it’s connecting your ERP with Salesforce (CRM) or Magento (e-Commerce), Connect helps you seamlessly integrate to drive user adoption, increase efficiency, and gain end-to-end visibility through your business.

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Quoting Solutions

The iQ Configure, Price, Quote application streamlines the quoting process for manufacturers quoting complex or configured products. With iQ, you can create accurate, timely quotes for customers from within Salesforce. Built on the Force.com and Salesforce1 platforms, iQ brings greater speed, simplicity, visibility, and collaboration to your quotes. 

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ERP Solutions

Alternative’s ERP Consulting team has extensive experience with various ERP platforms (including cloud and on-premise systems) as well as the manufacturing industry to help you make your system run efficiently and effectively. From upgrades to customizations to support, we can help you make the most of your ERP investment.

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