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Salesforce1 makes it easy to access all customer and sales data from anywhere.

It wasn’t but a few years ago that manufacturers and field service organizations looking for a mobile solution to access their enterprise data and ERP transactions met nothing but a long list of reasons the project wasn’t feasible.  Mobile deployments were only viable for those companies who had fat wallets to invest blindly hoping that their end result would lead to something valuable.

Fast forward to today.  A couple of months ago I was sitting in the audience at Salesforce’s Salesforce1 World Tour conference.  Over and over the speakers kept reinforcing the value of “running your business from your phone” and painting a picture where professionals out of the office or simply away from their desks could prepare quotes, enter orders, approve purchases, or access a 360 degree-view of their business.  My first thought was, “Great, but who can afford this?”

As the speakers continued, I decided to explore the App Store and see if I would find the Salesforce1 app.  Sure enough, there it was and a minute later the app was on my phone.  The next minute I was logged into my Salesforce account viewing my customer opportunities, orders, and invoices.  Unbelievably, I had just completed a free implementation of mobility while sitting in the audience.

Amazed, but still a bit skeptical, I decided to put my testing into high gear.  Surely my company-specific forecast fields, custom reports, and CPQ engine wouldn’t be available quite so easily.  But it was.  Every aspect of my Salesforce world was right there on my phone.  Screens and reports were already tailored to fit my mobile screen and the menus were all build into the app.

As if I was texting while driving and traffic came to a stop, the crowd started applauding and the speaker had finished.  Although I probably would have learned even more from the presentation if I wasn’t implementing my new mobile solution, I can now say with confidence that I can “run my business from my phone”.  I’d encourage everyone using Salesforce to explore their own free and instant implementation of Salesforce1 mobility. It’s a great way to not only maximize your day, but to maximize the value and effectiveness of your Salesforce investment.

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