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Dreamforce 2014

Are you attending Dreamforce? Here are four sessions we have on our agenda:

Manufacturing: Differentiating with Service (Monday, October 13 | 12:00pm – 12:40pm)

Why are we looking forward to this session? For two reasons:

1. Alternative was built with a passion for providing exemplary service in partnership with our customers, who often praise our detail-oriented consultants and the top-notch service we provide. We believe service is a key differentiator for any company.

2. We have implemented Salesforce Service Consoles for customers, designed and highly customized to give companies the greatest efficiencies with the most seamless interface.

Connected Products: It’s Not Just for iPhones Anymore (Monday, October 13 | 2:00pm – 2:40pm)

We are eager to see what they’re going to present as “connected.” At Alternative, we are big fans of connectivity, not just because we help implement Salesforce1 for our customers (in addition to using it extensively ourselves), but because we have a product that connects ERP systems with Salesforce: Connect. We know how vital it is to be connected and for systems to be integrated.

Field Service Mobility – Leveraging Salesforce1 & Chatter (Monday, October 13 | 2:30pm – 2:50pm)

Since this session overlaps with the previous session, we’re going to have to divide and conquer with our Dreamforce posse. We recently implemented a Salesforce Service Console for a client that involved hardware/software automatically triggering support cases when problems arose, with escalations of every 5 minutes instead of the standard 30 minutes within Salesforce (a customization provided by Alternative for the customer). The support cases were then texted to the closest field rep through Salesforce1 and could be updated within the app. We’re looking forward to what other uses, tips and tricks have been discovered using Salesforce1 in the field.

Moving your ERP into the Cloud (Wednesday, October 15 | 5:00pm – 5:40pm)

Alternative is on both sides of this—we’ve done hundreds of implementations of a leading on-premise ERP system—but our new partnership with NetSuite, a cloud-based ERP, allows us the ability to more fully bring manufacturers to the cloud. Our other products and service are heavily cloud-based, with our Configure, Price, Quote product—iQ, which is built within the Salesforce platform and integrates seamlessly—and our ERP/CRM integrations product, Connect. We are a company heavily steeped in the efficiencies of cloud-based products, so we’re thrilled to see a session on the topic.

What else are we looking forward to? Our Manufacturing Mixer on October 15 from 5-8pm. Join us!

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