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Dreamforce 2014

Everybody loves a good story, right? One of my favorite stories leading up to Dreamforce 2014 is that of Kristen Putikka. Kristen won a pass to Dreamforce at a charity silent auction, only to have her request to attend denied by her work. Though her work gave her time off to attend the event, her job was later eliminated. With both airfare and hotel already booked, she took her plight to GoFundMe to get the remaining funds necessary to attend Dreamforce so she could learn, network, and get closer to finding her dream job as a Salesforce Admin.

I’ve been following this story for over almost two weeks now, and seeing donations pouring in from all over has touched and impressed me—and this isn’t even my story. But I find myself rooting for Kristen and hope we get to meet her at Dreamforce.

It’s nice to see that there is so much kindness, goodness, and generosity out there—even among strangers—and the people who have donated know just how important of an event Dreamforce can be. Last year’s event had over 130,000 attendees, over a thousand informative sessions, countless events, and many great face-to-face meetings and networking opportunities. Hopefully this story will continue its positive trajectory and have a happy ending.

What stories have you been following leading up to Dreamforce?

Are you attending Dreamforce? We’d love to meet you! Stop by our booth in the industry space (automotive and manufacturing), Moscone South, Gateway Ballroom. We’ll be wearing the bright green shirts. We’re also hosting a manufacturing mixer on October 15 and would love to see you there!

Alternative Manufacturing Mixer

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