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Dreamforce 14 is less than a week away–what to pack?! While this is hardly an all-inclusive list, these are some items and ideas we recommend both from our personal experience, and from scouring the Interwebs about all things Dreamforce 14. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section!

Comfortable shoes

This is one you’ve probably heard over and over, but it can’t be emphasized enough: you’ll be doing plenty of walking, so make sure your shoes are comfortable. High heels for the ladies are going to be completely unnecessary (it’s more of a casual conference than that!) and completely painful.


The weather in San Francisco can be unpredictable. October has usually been the nicest, sunniest, and warmest when I’ve visited there in October but, like anyone who lives there knows, the weather can change quickly. Make sure you have a jacket handy in case you need to bundle up for a walk to and from the Moscone.


See above.


There were 130,000 attendees at last year’s Dreamforce and exhibit halls and showcases can get very packed. Whether you want to call it common courtesy or a way to feel more confident when discussing your products or services, mints can help.

Business cards

Even with Dreamforce badges and badge scanners at the event, the old-school approach of exchanging business cards is still the most common way to exchange information. Since they’re small, better to bring too many than too few. Jot down whatever information you can about the person right after you chat; you’ll be meeting so many folks at Dreamforce that any notes that can jog your memory after the fact will help.


This is one of the more important—and more fun—items to “pack.” Dreamforce is known for its great swag, so make sure that you’re packing enough space in your suitcase that you can bring all of that great swag home with you!

Canned food

This will help with the above-mentioned space. Bring a can or two (or three or four) to help reach Dreamforce reach 1 million meals, and you’ll have space in your suitcase on the way back for all that great swag!

Extra battery/charger

Hitting all of the sessions, exhibits halls, and networking events is going to drain your phone’s battery, so make sure to bring a spare battery or a charger with you each day.

Hand sanitizer

If last year’s attendance numbers were any indication, this year’s Dreamforce will be packed. Throw in a bunch of germs and you’ve got a recipe for disaster (or at least a cold), so bring some sanitizer along to help combat those germs.

Emergen-C, Zinc, Echinacea, etc.

Along those lines, one company estimated that half of their Dreamforce attendees come back sick every year. You may have certain go-tos for preventing or combatting illness; make sure to bring them to keep your immune system in tip-top shape.

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