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Dreamforce can be an overwhelming—yet awesome—endeavor, with its 130,000+ attendees, hundreds of sessions, and tons of exhibiting vendors. Here are 14 tips for Dreamforce 14 we’ve gathered from our own experience and from across the interwebs.

  1. Understand Moscone. The Dreamforce campus is a very big place, so figure out which sessions, keynotes, and exhibits are located that you’re attending, and orient yourself before heading into the mass of people.
  2. Plan.  You can use Agenda Builder to register for sessions. Additionally, have a list of the people or companies you want to meet; that’ll help you pick sessions and parties to attend.
  3. Don’t overschedule. Sometimes the best networking happens in between sessions; leave a cushion of time both before and after sessions you plan to attend. That way you can strike up conversations with interesting people about topics you’re both interested in—win-win!
  4. Know the point. Everyone’s at Dreamforce to learn and/or to sell and that’s okay. Get to know people and you’ll be able to learn; also know that selling is what makes it possible for all of us to be there.
  5. Attend keynotes. These are great not just because there are some big names and captivating topics, but quotes or facts from the keynotes can be a great starting point of conversation.
  6. Eat! With all the craziness going on, it can be far too easy to skip out on a meal. But Dreamforce is a marathon, not a sprint, so make sure you’re getting enough sustenance!
  7. Drink plenty of water. Similar to the above tip, hydrating could be one of the easiest things to forget going from session to session and from a keynote to a networking event. But make sure to hydrate! Your body will thank you later.
  8. Network light. Leave your laptop at the hotel. Tablets and phones can do so much, and it’ll be much easier carrying those around than lugging a laptop for a full day.
  9. Accept and Relax. Understand that you can’t attend all of the sessions and all of the meetings that you want to attend—there’s just so much great stuff going on at once. Accept that and catch whatever you feasible can.
  10. SaaSy. Follow Saasy to find out what fun happenings are going on. Our goal is to get a picture with SaaSy—what about you?
  11. Networking. Introduce people you know to other people with whom you’re talking. Dreamforce is about networking; help people make connections—it’s good business and it’s good karma.
  12. Be flexible. Yes, Tip #2 was to plan, but sometimes other opportunities come up or discussions go long and overlap into something you’d schedule; make sure your plan allows for flexibility or spontaneity so you can change plans if needed.
  13. Follow-up plan. You’ll be meeting dozens if not hundreds of people at Dreamforce. You’ll also be taking tons of notes and have a bunch of ideas for how you want to implement what you’ve learned. So where do you start? Have a plan in place for following up with those you meet at Dreamforce, and have a plan for how you want to implement what you’ve learned.
  14. Have fun! Dreamforce is not just an event—it’s an experience! Take advantage of all that Dreamforce has to offer and make sure to have fun!

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