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Over the last few years of helping customers with their Salesforce implementations, a pretty common theme developed as we head into the New Year.  This is, of course, the dreaded updating of products and prices in Salesforce.  I was talking to a customer last year that hired temps for a couple of months to go through and manually update everything… Yikes!

If you’re handy in Excel, a wizard with vLookups and love the Salesforce Data Loader you can always go that route.  However, most people don’t have the time or inclination to learn the complex relationship between PriceBooks, Products, and PriceBook Entries and how to get everything added and updated.

So last year, we released a Salesforce Product Updater utility to help out with that task.

Product Updater

The product updater lets you upload a CSV file containing the update products and pricing, choose which PriceBook and currency to update, and finally make the updates.   To see it in action check out this video:

For more information please contact Chad Smith at csmith@alttechsolutions.com

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