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Well, another great Dreamforce is in the books. With 140,000 registered attendees, it was the biggest and best event to date and it definitely felt that way as an attendee. From big names like Hillary Clinton, Willie Nelson, and Tony Robbins to big acts like Bruno Mars and The Beach Boys, it had plenty of that special theatricality for which Dreamforce is known.

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Our friendly booth-mates from last week.

While everyone’s experience is her own, here are my top 4 moments at Dreamforce14:

  1. Hearing Marc Benioff talk about how analytics can be accessible and agile for any company and user. As someone who loves analytics but doesn’t always know how to build out complex reports and dashboards, I’m excited to see this rolled out.
  2. Seeing Salesforce deliver on its promise to get its hands dirty with key industries. Alternative exhibited in the expanded Industry Showcase as part of the Manufacturing/Automotive section which was one of six industries Dreamforce highlighted. It was great to be in a place that acted as a haven for manufacturers and distributors at Dreamforce and show them our solutions and services specifically for them.
  3. Hearing Scott McCorkle, CEO Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, eloquently say what we all know about the importance of using technology thoughtfully to keep our prospects close and our customers closer: “There is no end to your journey with your customers.”
  4. Alternative’s Manufacturing Mixer  (of course!) which was back for its third year of bringing manufacturers and distributors together for a casual evening of networking, mingling, and learning.

I could go on and on about the great things I saw and learned at Dreamforce but I’ve got to get back to implementing all my new ideas! Leave a comment below with anything I should have added.

Want to hear more? Join Juel Hood, our Salesforce Practice Director, for a webinar on November 5 where we’ll run through the top 14 things we learned at Dreamforce14 and how manufacturers can make the most of them. Register here!

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