Salesforce Consulting Services

Salesforce Consulting Services

Alternative is a Silver Cloud Alliance Partner. That means that we’ve built a team of certified consultants located throughout North America, all of whom have the skills and experience to drive greater value from your Salesforce investment.

What makes us different from other Salesforce consulting companies?

We focus. Our team comprises experts in manufacturing. That means that when we scope a project, we’re scoping based upon the fact that we know your industry. We don’t need to learn it. Instead we know the right questions to ask as we focus on learning the unique aspects of your business. By applying our industry and Salesforce experience to what we quickly learn about your business we are able to scope more accurately, estimate timelines more precisely and deliver the project more quickly.

What’s more, we’ve experienced Salesforce deployments in manufacturers of all types and sizes. As a result, we’ve pre-packaged and productized common approaches for ERP integration, creating distributor portals and providing more effective ways to offer product configuration, pricing and quoting.

Welcome to Alternative. How smarter manufacturers implement Salesforce.

Alternative’s Salesforce Services

Manufacturing Quick Start for Salesforce

Delivering a successful implementation on a budget is important for many of our clients in the current economic environment, so we’ve developed a pre-packed service offering that is enough for mid-size manufacturers to get started and realize value, but won’t break the bank. Learn more here.

Planning & Implementation

Whether you’re newly implementing or hoping to expand the use of Salesforce into other parts of your business, our consultants are Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Custom Cloud experts. We can help guide you through your initial planning stages, work through process definition and work with you to perform the actual implementation.

CRM Optimization

The CRM Effectiveness Assessment takes you and your users to that next level. Our expert consultants will provide full assessment of your current usage model by executing discovery interviews with key members of your sales, marketing and management team(s). The result is a complete analysis with an actionable plan that allows you to optimize Salesforce features, improve usability and maximize underutilized tools.

Salesforce Data Migration

We know you’ve already been managing your customer relationships for many years and, as a result, you’ve already amassed a significant amount of data that currently resides in your legacy system or in multiple data stores. Data migration is an important part of a Salesforce project and we’ve got the tools and the experience to make the process fast and worry-free.

Salesforce Configuration & Administration

Because our consultants are certified in the implementation and administration of Salesforce, we’re able to help you gain maximum benefit from all of the standard Salesforce functionality. What’s more, because we’ve a wealth of manufacturing experience, we’re also well able to recommend best practice in the use of Salesforce by companies just like yours – whether this comes from standard functionality or other more advanced features, we’re equipped to make informed recommendations and execute on your behalf.

Salesforce Training

Ensuring the successful adoption of Salesforce by your team starts with effective training. From project team and administrator training to end user classes, we’ll create the enablement program that meets the needs of your business – from employees to those external stakeholders that are critical to your success.

Salesforce Integration

Whether you simply want to integrate with Outlook or your ERP system, we’ve done it before. In particular, because many manufacturers rely on their critical ERP system, we’ve pre-packaged a robust integration between Salesforce and several ERP systems. We call our solution Connect and you can learn more here.

Configure, Price & Quote for Salesforce

With the introduction of Salesforce, you’ve already made a transition to the cloud and increased mobility. For many manufacturers, this transition also provides an opportunity to ‘open up the bottleneck’ to provide more efficient and timely pricing and quoting to customers by their sales team or distributors. We’ve developed iQ, our configure, price and quote solution that’s built on the platform and designed with manufacturers in mind. You can learn more here.

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